The girl dug the hard soil on the ground using the leftover bones from the meat she ate.

She knew such an attempt to escape was futile, but not doing anything would raise suspicions. Thus, she screamed for help and dug the ground, pretending to believe this would allow her to create a hole for her to escape through.

She had been in captivity for two days. The cage moved with the Suha family team. The land of the Suha family was very far away from that of the Juan family and was much more barren. Thus, they were accustomed to relocating in tents.

She remembered one of the class lectures given by the head maid, who mentioned that the Suha family would carry a main tent and numerous small tents when going out. Although they were now returning home, the Suha family head probably broke them up into several teams and had her placed in one of the small tents. Therefore, even if the Juan family was somehow able to deduce the fact that the Suha family was the culprit, they would not be able to find her as they would certainly be going after the main tent.

Lazer’s moody facial expressions flashed into her mind.

So far, her cover had not been blown. In other words, the Juan couple would leave it at that. One of two things was surely going to happen: they would either send Lazer to save her, or let her die at the hands of Shaquille before moving on to their next plan.

Just the thought of this alone made her hands shake. She was petrified.

“Good morning, Diana.”

The curtain was pulled up and light came in, revealing her soiled hands.


She deliberately faked a scream, ran deep into the cage, and curled in shock.

The Suha family head grabbed the curtain with one hand and chuckled.

“Scratching the soil like that will not work.”

“Then what will?” she asked deliberately.

The lizard demihuman gave her a strange smile and said nothing; he did not fall for it.

“Has my father said anything?” she asked.

“What do you think? You are an important chess piece of his, do you think he would leave you behind?”

It stung. Even though she was not Diana, it stung. She could feel how hurtful it would be for Diana to hear this. “If you have nothing else to say, please cover the cage up. I have nothing to say to you.”

“Don’t provoke me so clumsily. Why not say something I expect you to say? Of course, you can continue to scratch the soil and wait for it to crack from laughter. You will be able to escape then.”

“You want to chat?”

“You must agree that it would at least kill some time during this boring journey.”

She frowned, not understanding why the lizard demihuman was so much at ease, to the extent that he was treating a hostage as a friend. She patted the dirt off her hands and returned to an elegant sitting position. Even in this cage, she did not want to show weakness to the male in front of her.