Sione SP

Ayako Kawasumi

Birthday 6th of Ice month

Height 168cm

Hailing from the Aldric bloodline, one of the families making up the Twelve Nobles of the Kingdom of the Sun, she commands the respect of all. With such a lustrous background paired with her awe-inspiring beauty, she remains one of the most sought-after candidates for a political marriage til this very day.
As the daughter of the Aldric family, she was taught the proper dance etiquette. However, before she ever set foot in a ballroom, she volunteered to enlist in the army. Therefore, you don’t get the opportunity to see her at a ball too often.
Sione’s dance is just like Sione’s blade; disciplined but graceful, fancy yet with a glint of dreamy innocence. If she has taken the initiative and asked for a dance, “yes is almost always the answer.
As the moonlight shines and the flowers flow in the wind, embrace the sound of music, dance.