Leah SP

Ayane Sakura

Birthday 11th of Sun month

Height 145cm

One day, the Bears held a massive banquet. Every single Bear was busy drinking and celebrating the occasion, which is why no one noticed a tiny “Cub” slipping her way into the party. Turns out, it’s the always-daring Leah putting another one of her mischievous ideas into action.
When Leah heard that the Crystals on the Golems’ back are worth a fortune, she decided to try and get her hands on some. Armed with her furry bear costume, she sneaked into Totemtaff in hopes to snatch up some Crystal shards lying around on the cavern floors.
Even if the Bear Soldiers do see through Leah’s crappy disguise, it’s safe to assume that because she is so adorable, they will turn a blind eye to her actions and forgive her.