Hestia SP

Mai Nakahara

Birthday Birthdate unknown

Height 163cm

The frogodile Karnulla got his hands on a strange medicine from a dealer who came from the east. After Hestia was tricked into drinking the medicine, her fishtail faded away and became a pair of legs! At first, she was happily running around the lake shores with her newly-grown legs. However, she soon discovered that she could no longer talk properly. It was only after a hint from Yan-Bo did she finally realize that though the medicine does allow mermaids to grow legs, it also takes away most of their voice as a price.

At the same time, Yan-Bo also informed poor Hestia, that if she doesn’t take the cure before sunset, she won’t be able to swim underwater ever again. She will also lose the one thing she’s most proud of, her singing voice, forever… But Hestia never gives up without a fight! Even if this means that she must turn the entire Maple Lake area upside down, she will still find the cure that has been hidden by Karnulla before sunset. Afterward, she is going to teach that nasty frogodile a serious lesson!