Fatima SP

Mai Nakahara

Birthday 4th of Snow month

Height ​175cm

Fatima was selected as the priestess to host the Panthers’ quadrennial “Inheritance Ritual”. In order to show respect to the ancestors, Fatima must spend a hundred days to prepare for this event. During this hundred days, Fatima is not allowed to kill. She must meditate and shower multiple times a day to cleanse herself. Unless absolutely required, she is not allowed to talk with others.
On the day of the “Inheritance Ritual”, as the priestess, Fatima must deliver the ancestor’s voice to her fellow Panthers. She must also listen to the teachings given to the tribe by the ancestors. Other Panthers will offer meaty prey and fragrant fruit wines to thank the ancestors for their blessings for the past four years. They will also pray to the great ancestors to continue to look over the Panther tribe in the future.