Lio SP

Yumiko Kobayashi

Birthday 11th of Sun month

Height 145cm

When helping Angelia drive away the monsters back at the Slums, Lio had to sacrifice his precious Flutterfly.
The loss of Flutterfly left Lio down and depressed. To cheer up Lio, Angelia requested Rune Academy to develop “Flutterfly MAX!” and gave it to Lio as a surprise gift!
The sight of “Flutterfly MAX!” made Lio super excited. He immediately hopped into the cockpit and took his new toy for a spin. He soared through the skies of continent Vendacti, leaving behind streams of contrails! However, due to the immense amount of Soul Energy “Flutterfly MAX!” consumes, it was no longer operational after day 1.