【2018.9.05】 Rayark 7th Anniversary Event begins!!

Wave 1: Recruiting new Watchers!
Create a new character during the event, receive a Treasure Map (30 days) for free
※09/01 04:00 ~ 1010 04:00 (UTC) Accounts created within this time period are qualified for this event.
If you level up your Watcher level to Lv. 50 or higher before the event ends, receive a Crystal Mining Pass (30 Days) as well
Invite your friends to join the world of Sdorica!
※The rewards letters will be sent between 09/05 04:00 ~ 1010 04:00 (UTC)
※For players who already purchased the above items, the day-count will add up.
Wave 2: Rayark Anniversary reward
Rayark is seven years old! We would like everyone to share the birthday joy with us!
During the event, login every day to receive 77 Crystallines!
Event time (UTC): 09/09 21:00 ~ 09/14 21:00 (Total of 5 days)
Wave 3: Anniversary limited edition items now available!
[Anniversary Celebration Chest]: USD $4.99
Time available: 09/12 04:00 ~ 1009 04:00 (UTC)
Contains: Crystals x200, Paid Crystals x50, Curren x5000
[Anniversary Banquet Chest]: USD $32.99
Time available: 09/19 04:00 ~ 1009 04:00 (UTC)
Contains: Paid Crystals x500, Crystals x250, Crystallines x500, Tear of Ancient Dragon x1
※Limited edition item(s) will be collected from the Inbox, can only be purchased once.
◆ For more details, please refer to the in-game announcement!