【2018.7.12】 World Alteration Report

Fellow Watchers, this is the place where we provide you with ongoing and upcoming major events around the world. Here is the latest [World Alteration Report]:
Time of update: 2018/07/12 04:00 (UTC)
This week’s update will be pushed back a day, due to Super Typhoon Maria crossing over Taiwan on the original scheduled time.
⦿ Teatime Infuse, new character “Kittyeyes SP” is here!
Event Time (UTC):
2018.7.12 04:00~2018.7.24 21:00
⦿ “Lone Wolf’s Step” limited time event
Koll’s Character Storyline event now available.
Event Time (UTC):
2018.7.12 04:00~2018.7.24 21:00
⦿ “Friends Ensemble” officially online!
Multiplayer event “Friends Ensemble” will be open this weekend, so come and conquer those collab quests!
Event time this week (UTC): 2018.7.13 16:00 ~ 2018.7.16 21:00
⦿ Game Adjustments
New Venture Quests C15-6 ~ C15-10 now available
Guild Missions roster adjustment, will take effect on 2018.7.12 16:00 (UTC)
Estimated next update time: 2018/07/18 04:00 (UTC)