【2018.8.29】 World Alteration Report

Fellow Watchers, this is the place where we provide you with ongoing and upcoming major events around the world. Here is the latest [World Alteration Report]:
Time of update: 2018/08/29 04:00 (UTC)
⦿ Main Storyline Chapter 14 “Friends’ Company” is here!
Time available: 2018/08/29 04:00 (UTC)
⦿ Dew Month Market now available!
Event time (UTC): 2018/08/29 04:00 ~ 2018/09/18 21:00 (UTC)
Limited time sale for new skill book:
Charle’s [Authority Of Knowledge] Skill Book
Limited time sale for previous skill books:
Crushfang’s [Lord Of The Caves] Skill Book
Theodore’s [Cunning Ruler] Skill Book
⦿ Game Adjustments:
New Region Quest “R3-L Jungle Journey” now available!
Battle Member invitation level adjustment, can now send invitation code if you’re Lv. 41 or higher
In the Watcher’s Challenge series Missions, the [Unlocked Tier SSR Tica] mission will be adjusted to [Unlocked 1 Tier SSR Character]
Rearrange the recommended level for the Main Storyline, Venture Quests, and Mineral Quests so the difficulty curve is smoothed out
Mineral Quests reward adjustment:
For most quests that originally give random Character Minerals, they will now give Character Minerals for a fixed position.
Increase Crystallines rewards for some quests. The post-adjustment amounts are:
Easy: 10 Crystallines
Medium: 15 Crystallines
Hard: 20 Crystallines
Special: 25 Crystallines
Extreme: 30 Crystallines
Wonderland Trial quest content adjustment; the Lv. 60 quests for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be rearranged.
Thursday’s [Destruction Rhapsody] will be replaced with [Dark Zone]
Replacement time: 2018/09/02 21:00 (UTC)
1.2 update issues and fixing progress
Estimated next update time: 2018/09/05 04:00 (UTC)